Stronger Deadbolt Locking Methods

You will observe that many front doors need two keys to open as there is a lock on the knob and another one above. The lock on top is identified as a deadbolt lock and just having one there greatly increases the safekeeping since you have to turn the cylinder to open it. On the other hand, bypassing the lock is still probable if it has few levers. Consequently, it is best to go with the suggestions of safekeeping experts by having deadbolts with 7 levers or greater. You can tell just by looking at the key and seeing if it has 7 grooves or more. This will very much increase to the time it takes to pick the lock to the point that it is not very practicable. It helps even more if the deadbolt is made of stronger materials such as steel or brass.

These investments alone should give your door a lot more lasting power. If ever you want some extra insurance, you can always ask to make your locks pick confrontation in the future. That should put off any cunning thieves from using picks, drills, and saws to break in.

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